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"I feel totally inspired. This course has landed my feelings into a goal. I can now put words on what I want to do. "

Mary Ann Okhuysen, Workshop Participant

Houston, TX


Inspire Circle Guide #1



Inspire Circle discussion Notes #1:

Getting a group of mutually supportive, positive women together can be half the battle, the other half is what you talk about once you are all together. Here is a bit of guidance to help get the inspirational momentum rolling in your circles:

  1. Have each person introduce themselves and what they hope to get out of the Inspire Circle
  2. Have each person discuss what they bring to the table (positive qualities, skills, experiences, expertise, etc. that they can offer the circle.
  3. Have each person share an experience that got them really motivated about something.
  4. Talk about whether each person is more internally inspired or externally inspired.
    1. You are internally inspired if it comes from within yourself and provides an inner navigation for your choices in life. This is the voice inside of you that tells you if you are on the right course, your intuition that makes an idea or thought resonate with you or your "hunches" that tell you if you are supposed to be doing something. Your "calling" is sometimes spoken to you internally, if you are open enough to hear it.
    2. External inspiration that is external comes from others. Self development books, examples of stories of other people's successes, workshops, therapy, etc. are all external sources of inspiration. You can gain inspiration from a Mentor or someone you look up to or admire. You may also find inspiration within a spiritual context. Have you ever wondered why you are so moved by a story you read about? It could quite possibly be because you are more prone to gaining your inspiration externally.
  5. Questions for the Inspire Circle to ponder:
    1. Would you read a book about your life?
    2. If you were a journalist, would you want to cover any positive aspect of your life for a newsworthy feel good segment on the six o'clock news?
    3. Do you want to feel positive about your future?
    4. Do you get excited about the possibility of igniting something inside you?
    5. Can you feel the fire inside you that makes you capable of doing great things?
If you require more, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with additional circle discussion suggestions.

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