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Benefit from one on one sessions with Marla Majewski, founder of Inspire Empire. Her techniques will provide you with tools to get out of your rut and back to pursuing your own personal goals and dreams. Marla will guide you to rediscover the girl you used to know, how to build your own inspire empire and navigate your way to the life you really want.

Depending on where you are in your life, career, or business, Marla will provide the framework to keep you accountable, action oriented and focused on reaching your life goals.

Please contact Inspire Empire to arrange your first consultation.

  Marla Majewski

  Marla Majewski

  Founder, Inspire Empire



"OMG...You wrote this for me!!! I can SO relate to every sentence. I did the exercises and my hand hurts from writing so much. I definitely see some patterns through your exercises...I can't wait to talk to you".         

  - Monica Jevne, Life Coach Client

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Inspire Empire Co. Life Coaching

Inspire Empire Co. Life Coaching

I help women navigate the various "chapters" in their lives to "be more" and grow through clarity on their goals and priorities and what they want from life, personally and professionally. My Ideal...

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