"Marla has been my personal coach for over two years to date. It has been such a blessing to me to have her as my personal coach. She is gentle in her approach and firm when necessary. She is who I turn to when I need to think out loud about any issues that need solving in my career and in my personal life. I like the accountability that comes with having a coach and the reliance on knowing that I have deadlines that need to be met by working with her.

I tend to be always there for others and it is really nice to have someone who is devoted to my goals who does not judge. She is a great listener and she offers sage wisdom. She is a gift that I am so happy that I give to myself and I truly appreciate her."

Jeni Ellis Halliday, Entrepreneur

New York, NY


Speaking Engagements

Marla Majewski, the founder of Inspire Empire, would love to speak at your next event. Please contact us  with your event date and details.

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Recent Speaking Engagements

Here are my most recent speaking engagements.

West Houston Express Network Luncheon, Katy, TX


Getting Back to The Girl You Used to Know - Keynote Speaker


Saint Monica Moms Group, St. Anne Catholic Church


Motivational MOMents - Keynote Speaker


Parent Literacy Day 2010 - Edmonton, Canada


Marla will speak at the Parent Literacy Day 2010 on Your Child's Power of Observation: How Parents Can Be the Role Model for Life Long Learning


Women's Show 2010- Edmonton, Canada


Inspirational Momentum by Marla Majewski of Inspire Empire


ABWA Greenspoint Chapter, Houston, TX


Getting Back to The Girl You Used to Know - Keynote Speaker


Bellaire International Moms Club - Houston, TX

6/14/2010 - 7/13/2010

Motivational MOMents - Guest Speaker


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