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    "... I love your book! I swear I thought you were writing MY exact story when reading your personal story. I believe people are brought together for a reason...Thank you, canít wait to MAKE time to read more."

    Courtney Blenke, Mother of Three

    Houston, TX


    The Girl I Used To Know

    MOTIVATIONAL BOOK<P><B>The Girl I Used To Know

    A Woman's Guide on How to Find Yourself Again & Put Personal Priority Back on Your To-Do List

    In a rut? Feel like you have too many things to do, but none of it includes anything for YOU? Get motivated and learn how to put personal priority back on your to-do list, and rediscover how to reach your goals and dreams. Marla Majewski, founder of Inspire Empire, will provide practical tools to get you back to feeling like the girl you used to know-before kids, marriage, and life took over.

    In The Girl I Used to Know you will learn:

    Ways to identify qualities and characteristics from your childhood that identify your true passions and lost inspirations

    How to appreciate the girl you are

    How to create your own personal navigation system

    How to build an effective Inspire Empire

    Practical tools to get out of an inspirational rut

    Ways to keep the Inspira-Meter on HIGH

    Simple ways to INSPIRE IT FORWARD and help other women reach their personal potential

    Unlike other self-help books, this book is not about becoming a person that you have never been. It is about returning to the little girl we all used to be who believed in herself and in the infinite realm of possibilities-before the realities of life created limits, fears, and doubts within us.

    So, are you ready to reconnect with the girl you used to know? Then buy your copy today!

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